Dr. Omar Al Kholi

Dr. Omar Al Kholi

business partner


He worked as a legal investigator in the Supervision and Investigation Commission, and represented it in a number of specialized investigation committees 1978-1980. He worked as a legal advisor (part-time) at the United Nations – New York (Law of the Sea Committee) 1985.

Education and Biography


He has graduated from Faculty of Law, Cairo University, 1977. Then “Masters of Laws” with honors from , TULANE University New Orleans (Louisiana) 1982 . He enrolled in the Ph.D. program directly – except for those from the College Board – after the first semester of the Masters stage due to his academic also He obtained a PhD in Legal Sciences with Honors in International Trade Law 1986


He has extensive experience in the field of legal advice where he worked Legal advisor for more than 25 years


he worked as a legal advisor to the Arab Marketing and Refining Company (SMARK), then legal advisor to Saudi Aramco (Dhahran) 1991 – 1993 AD. Legal Adviser to the Regional Commission for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (part-time) 2002-2004.

General Legal Adviser of the Arab Company for Private Aviation Services (Arabasco) 2013.

A legal adviser cooperating with the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental Protection and contributed to setting the draft of the first system for environmental protection in the Kingdom and its executive regulations.


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