Financial and banking operations

Financial and Banking Operations Service

We work side by side with leading financial institutions in Egypt and the Arab world to face the challenges of the changing capital market. We have experts from the capital market possessing the commercial, technical, and legal skills necessary to deal with all securities in favor of our clients in the first instance. Furthermore, we enhance their image in all dealings with the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) and financial and banking institutions through remittances, bank guarantees, letters of guarantee, and documentary credits.

This is in addition to regular legal services for customers:-

  • Preparation of Investment Portfolio Management Agreements. Preparing agreements and obtaining licenses to establish investment funds.
  • Preparation of draft conventions and subscriptions for the issuance of instruments, bonds and guarantees.
  • Take all legal steps to increase capital in companies, governors and investment funds.
  • Preparation and revision of domestic and global conventions prior to signature.
  • Facilitating access to loans of all kinds from domestic and international banks.
  • Resolution of all banking disputes between banks and customers and settlement of debts.
  • Assistance in scheduling loans owed to the banking system.-
  • Helping to solve the problems of troubled banks with the central bank in the light of the new banking law.
  • Establishment of financial leasing companies, real estate finance companies, credit companies and exchange companies.
  • Establishment of securities brokerage companies, incarnation companies, promotion companies and subscription coverage.
  • Helping banks collect customer indebtedness.
  • Provision of all legal advice to banks in the area of granting credit in the light of the law, banking practices and the controls of the Central Bank.
  • Substantive and technical support to clients or banks of the Central Bank Arbitration Unit.
  • Services to banks in the area of commitment and combating money-laundering.
  • Evaluation of the internal control system and governance of banks and financial institutions.
  • Legal review and quality of all bank guarantees in kind prior to grants.
  • All reconciliation between banks and customers in the light of the Central Bank Act.
  • Legal assessment of the Bank in terms of a detailed report on legal and operational risks.
  • Pre-appointment and promotion tests for legal departments of banks and all companies.
  • Assisting banks and companies in conducting investigations into all offences and abuses and providing legal opinion to senior management.
  • Practical training of all members of the banking and corporate legal departments through a training team at the highest level