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ABOUT SHOURA LAW FIRMHight quality in various branches of legal services

Shura Law Firm is one of the newest and leading law firms in the Arab world, due to the specificity of its legal works at the local and international levels.

We guarantee our customers an excellent legal service.
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We care about the details of our customers' industry, to ensure the quality of the services.
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Special Department for ADR and Arbitration

Shura pays special importance to represent its clients in international and local commercial arbitration cases, with its experiences and practical practices with arbitration instituations through a distinguished cadre of arbitrators, experts and practicing and accredited lawyers with local and international arbitration institutions, including, but not limited to: the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris The British Royal Council of Certified Arbitrators, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council Arbitration Centers.

Shura offers a unique model in providing negotiation, mediation, conciliation and alternative dispute resolution services. It has established a special center for dispute settlement and the management of dispute settlement sessions by alternative means of litigation in accordance with institutional rules or rules agreed upon by the parties.

Sports Legal Services Department

Shura Law and Arbitration firm provides a distinctive legal service to all sports bodies, clubs, and professional players in relation to sports law, including;

A-sports investment

1- Providing Sports Investment Services and establishing and licensing sports services companies, whether in the form of management, marketing, operation, sports management, or the establishment of private clubs, academies, gyms, or fitness centers.

2- Trademark registration and protection of all intellectual property rights of sports clubs.

B-legal consulting

3- Drafting and managing all sports contracts, player transfer contracts, technical, administrative, and medical staffs, investment and sports marketing agreements, supply contracts, player agent contracts, etc.

4- Governance of sports clubs, development of guidance, control and supervision systems, distribution of powers and responsibilities.

5- Drafting and preparing the internal regulations and Bylaws of the clubs.

6- Drafting of administrative and disciplinary decisions.

C- Legal representation

7- Representing players, clubs, and football companies before all bodies, federations, committees, and sports chambers.

8- Representing players and clubs before the National arbitration centers and the international sports court CAS/TAS.

9- Representing players before national and International Sports Anti-Doping committees.

Legal consultancy

We provide advice and guidance to various sectors and individuals on all legal aspects

Financial and banking operations

We work side by side with leading financial institutions in Egypt and the Arab world

Tax issues

Taxation is one of the most important services we offer

Real estate

Whether you are a businessman or construction dealer or want to buy a real estate or building materials in large quantities