Mr Mooti Dakhli

Mr. Mooti Dakhli

Business Partner


He represented many clients before the committees and judicial chambers of sports federations, FIFA, and the international sports court CAS/TAS. He was also appointed as an arbitrator in many cases. Those cases amounted to about ninety cases ranging from player transfers, disciplinary disputes, player qualification, doping, and elections, in Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Libya.

Educational qualifications:

  • D. third stage in political science from Al-Manar University, Tunisia.
  • Professorship in private law from the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences in Sousse.
  • Certificate of General Studies in Law from the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences in Sousse.


  • Honored by the National Lawyers Association for a number of scientific publications in 2018.
  • An honor from the National Lawyers Association for participating in Lawyers Training 2013.
  • Charles Rousseau prize for expertise in international law, Geneva, May 1999.

Current Positions:

  • Chairman of the legal committee of the African Mini Football Federation.
  • Chairman of the National Committee for discipline and sports spirit at the Tunisian Football University.
  • Member of the scientific committee of the National Lawyers Association of Tunisia.
  • President of the Tunisian Academy of Sports Law.
  • Member of the Francophone Network of International Law.
  • Head of the Research Center in Economic Law of the Tunisian Association of Economic Law.
  • Vice president of the International Observatory of Governance and Ethics of Sports.
  • Member of the International Association of Football Lawyers.
  • Consultant of many Arab sports clubs.
  • Lawyer and consultant in many cases at FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


  • Former Consultant to the National Anti-Corruption Authority of the Republic of Tunisia.
  • Former arbitrator of the national sports arbitration authority of the Tunisian National Olympic Committee.
  • Former arbitrator at the Tunis Center for Arbitration and Reconciliation.
  • Former president of the Tunisian Boxing University.
  • Former member of the Executive Office of the Arab Boxing Federation.
  • Former member of the Tunisian Association of Political Sciences.
  • Founding member of the Charles Rousseau Debating Society of Switzerland.
  • Former assistant professor at the Faculty of Law in Jendouba.
  • Former assistant professor at the Higher Institute of Applied Languages in Baja.
  • Former Secretary General of the Tunisian African Club Association.

Articles in Arabic published in legal journals:

  • Sports Arbitration from Guardianship to Independence.
  • Crimes of Sports Fans.
  • The Crime of Manipulation of Sports Results.
  • The Transfer of Minors at The International Level in Football.

Articles in French:

  • Le régime juridique du précontrat du footballeur professionnel
  • Les sociétés à objet sportive arrivent!
  • Le droit du sport: une discipline nouvelle?
  • Périodes de transfert ou mercato
  • Les transferts: une spécificité du sport
  • La corruption dans le sport
  • La responsabilité du sportif professionnel
  • Vers la réforme de la loi n°95-11 du 6 fevrier 1995 relative aux structures sportives et l’introduction des sociétés commerciales à objet sportif
  • Le consentement de l’Etat à l’arbitrage dans les contrats d’Etat


  • Transfer contracts for professional players.

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