portfolioprotecting infringement of a large investment contract

5 July, 20200

shura law firm succeeded in protecting infringement of a large investment contract, due to the alleged delay of our client in the implementation of the project, where the arbitral tribunal supported our defense in the right of our client -respondent- to prevent infringement and we avoided a big loss to our client because the hidden goal of the applicant was to breach the contract due to low prices of lands and commercial units in the region and disposal from paying remaining installments due on the project, the attempted to build their argument on the fact that our client’s delay in execution breached the contract on his own. Whereas, arbitral tribunal endorsed our argument stipulates that whenever the contract does not include clear and precise conditions but general conditions such as the right to claim breach of contract, then tribunal exercised its authority to estimate the annulment request, so the arbitral tribunal issued its judgment that the applicant must receive the project and pay the rest of installments.

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