Mr. Ahmed Rezk

Mr. Ahmed Rezk

Junior Corprate lawyer


Junior Corprate  lawyer ,Proficient in setting up all types of contract,  Experience in drafting various types of commercial contracts, memorandums of understandings, memorandums and newsletters.Strong oral and written communication skills,Ability to analyze complex problems and identify underlying problems.

  • Master of International Law – Mansoura University 2019 .
  • Diploma in Public Law – Mansoura University 2018 .
  • Law school – English Department Mansoura University 2017 .
  • Enrolled for PHD in Private international Law.

Meet The Team
Dr. Ahmed Mohammed El Sawi

Co founder and CEO

وليد عثمان
Lawyer. Walid Othman

co Founder and CEO

عمر الخولي
Dr. Omar Al Kholi

busniess partner

صلاح شحاته
Dr. Salah Shehata

Senior Banking And Legal Consultant

Ahmed Sharaf El Din
Prof. Ahmed Sharaf El Din

Senior legal Consultant

مصطفى بونجة
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Senior legal Consultant

عاطف الفقي
Dr. Atef El Feky

Senior legal Consultant
Sarah Azzam

Junior Corprate Associate
Ahmed Rezk

Junior Corprate Associate