ArticlesLaw of Union Supreme Court of UAE

30 January, 20230

Law of Union Supreme Court of UAE

The Decree of Federal Law No. 33 of 2022 was issued on 3 October 2022 and entered into force on 2 January 2023. The Law regulates the affairs of the Union Supreme Court of UAE, and it contains 54 articles.

The Law states that the Union Supreme Court is an independent judicial authority, moreover, it regulates the formation of the Court (formed of five judges) and what falls within its jurisdiction, and stipulates that the Court shall have different circuits including one for constitutional articles and others for articles outlined in this Law or further Laws.

The Court is competent in adjudicating fifteen different legal disputes as well. The Law states the procedures for assigning the Judges, their salaries, the requirements and conditions of them to be assigned, the General Assembly of the Court, the Panel of Commissioners, and the Technical Office of the Court.

Immunity from recusal and/or dismissal was granted to the Judges under the Law. Furthermore, it exclusively stipulates seven ways of expiration of their mandate such as death, resigning, and reaching the age of retirement.

For discipline, the Law regulates the cases in which a Judge may be disciplined and the procedures of it, in addition to the disciplinary proceedings and the penalties that may be sentenced on a Judge including censure, and redeployment.

In addition, from articles 31 to 45, the Law regulates the procedures to file a lawsuit before the Court. The Law defines the Assistants of the Judges and their assignments and specialization.

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