ArticlesAn Initiative For Drafting and Reviewing Alternative Dispute Resolution Clauses

8 December, 20200

The arbitration agreement is the constitution that delineates to the Arbitral Tribunal it’s authority and prerogative, therefore,  a special attention must be paid to adjust and drafting arbitration clauses as a cornerstone of the arbitration procedures, and because of its impact on ensuring the smooth running of the procedures.

Practically, there are weakness in drafting arbitration clauses, and reports issued by several arbitration institutions show a large percentage of defective arbitration clauses that negatively affect the conduct of arbitration procedures. This is due to the lack of attention to drafting the arbitration clauses, and the lack of the specialized writer in the rules of drafting such clauses.

Accordingly, SHURA Law Firm for advocacy and arbitration has launched an initiative to draft and review the clauses of arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution in Arabic, English and French languages, as a support of the arbitration system in the Arab world, and to encourage companies and individuals to choose the arbitration and other alternative disputes resolution, because of their speed, confidentiality and specialization of the arbitrators in the nature of the dispute.

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