On Sunday 6/6/2021 a cooperation protocol was signed between Shura Law firm  and Almezan Company for Dubai Court Services (On Time Government Services) , In the presence of Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sawy, the founding partner of Shura and CEO, Mr. Walid bin Abdul Karim, owner of Almezan Company for Dubai Courts Services, and Mr. Al-Hassan...ي-1.png

Construction arbitration is specific to other types of international arbitration, as it depends on FIDIC contracts. The Arab Conference of FIDIC contracts is an Arab annual gathering that includes contracting companies, engineering companies and lawyers interested in FIDIC contracts and contracting issues, and based on the presence of many specialists in FIDIC contracts and corporate...ي.png

The professional conference for arbitration is considered one of the most important events that includes elite of the most skilled Arab arbitrators, representatives of major arbitration instituation in the Arab countries and participants interested in arbitration cases from more than 12 Arab countries, and out of the keenness of the Shura Law Firm and Legal...اللعابن.png

In light of the current crisis and the spread of the Corona epidemic COVID-19 and its direct impact on the contractual obligations of players ’contracts in all countries, Shura Law Firm and Legal Consultations sought to organize a seminar titled“ The Impact of the Corona Crisis on Players ’Contracts. The seminar was attended by more...محاماة.png

Shura Law Firm is  keen on following up all the new in law and knowing all that is new in developing the skills of lawyers, so we  sponsored the Arab Law Firm in the presence of participants from various Arab countries and a group of the best Arab lawyers and legal experts, and the conference...